The decision has been a long and hard one but I have decided to retire from making scrap kits. There are many reasons behind this decision, but I personally feel I can no longer go on in this area. I will be moving all my kits over the next few days to my website and you can keep up with over on my new personal blog HERE. I've enjoyed the journey and for the most part I enjoyed making kits, however for me now, that chapter is over. Thank you to everyone who supported me during my scrap creating time. *hugs*

Friday, 16 January 2009

Another New Tutorial

Patty aka Sunspotpp sent me an email last week with the most beautiful tag made from my Rock Slut was a lovely tag and showcased the tube (and kit) wonderfully.

Just so you know, Rock Slut was inspired by Tyson McAdoo's 'Rock Slut' tube, the whole kit was themed to match this tube :)

I emailed Patty back thanking her for the beautiful tag and asked if she was writing a tut so I could add it to my blog, I was not expecting the reply I got............

'I am so glad you like it!
But OMG, me, write a tut

But she agreed to give it a try and I was so pleased that she had said she would try, I know what a HUUUUUUGE step it is writing your 1st tutorial

Well today I get a lovely email from Patty...........

Okay, now I KNOW why you go by Fi's Fault 'cuz it REALLY is YOUR fault

Yep it's my fault I admit it lol, not only has she written a fab tut, but she now has a blog on which to showcase I guess that's MY FAULT too lol

Anyway if you would to try Patty's tut (which I intend to try tomorrow along with a few others) then pop along to her blog.....also if you try her tut please leave her a comment, her tags are brilliant and I think with some nice comments from the taggers out there she coul well become a regular tut writer - Yes Patty I do mean YOU!!!

And the tag..........see t'is beautiful, in a dark rock slutty kinda way :p