The decision has been a long and hard one but I have decided to retire from making scrap kits. There are many reasons behind this decision, but I personally feel I can no longer go on in this area. I will be moving all my kits over the next few days to my website and you can keep up with over on my new personal blog HERE. I've enjoyed the journey and for the most part I enjoyed making kits, however for me now, that chapter is over. Thank you to everyone who supported me during my scrap creating time. *hugs*

Friday, 30 January 2009

Tasmanian Devils

Did you know these animals are endangered? I didn't. WHen someone says tasmanian devil to me, like most I think of Taz, yeah he's a bit vicious but he's cute too especially when he has those little temper trantrums lol

let's get back to them being endangered, along with lots of other animals. That alone is a sad state of affairs, there are lots of animals that are endangered but I want to concentrate on the Tasmanian Devil for now.

So what am I waffling on about?? Read On.........

A very good friend of mine's (Amanda Fontaine) son is doing a project at school. This is what Amanda said......

Ok background son **** is doing his public speaking stuffs in school right now, so he came home a few weeks ago saying that he was going to do his speech on the Tassie Devils. Now I thought he would be talking about how vicious they are etc., but to my surprise, he is talking about how they are endangered, and how people can help save them (proud mama over here! Hehe)

So Amanda being the proud mama she is (and like any mama would do) she came up with a way to help her son raise some money. Amanda has made a scrap kit to sell on her son's behalf. This kit will ONLY be available until March 1st and 100% of the money from the kit will go to the "Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal", you can read up on that on this site

AND Amanda added some honey to the pot lol....when you purchase this fabby kit, not only are helping to save the devils...but Amanda is putting all the names into a hat she (or her son) will draw 3 names out of the hat and they will win an extra bonus

1st Place: An "Unlimited License" from me. Every tube, scrap kit or element pack I ever will have access to free of charge.

2nd Place: 2 of my tube packages from AMI, and 2 of my scrap kits

3rd Place: 1 of my tube packs, and 1 of my scrap kitsPrizes are transferable if you can't use them :o)

Soooooo what are you waiting for??? Oh yeah the blog address for where you can get this kit would help wouldn't it lol

This kit is ONLY available from Amanda's blog

Pinched this from Amanda's blog so you can see what the kit looks like hehe Amanda won't mind lol