The decision has been a long and hard one but I have decided to retire from making scrap kits. There are many reasons behind this decision, but I personally feel I can no longer go on in this area. I will be moving all my kits over the next few days to my website and you can keep up with over on my new personal blog HERE. I've enjoyed the journey and for the most part I enjoyed making kits, however for me now, that chapter is over. Thank you to everyone who supported me during my scrap creating time. *hugs*

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Comments - Take Two

I can't work out why people can't comment :( I've got everything set up right but it still won't allow comments.
If anyone knows how to fix this please email me - fisfaultscraps @ (remove the spaces first though)


Friday, 30 January 2009

Tasmanian Devils

Did you know these animals are endangered? I didn't. WHen someone says tasmanian devil to me, like most I think of Taz, yeah he's a bit vicious but he's cute too especially when he has those little temper trantrums lol

let's get back to them being endangered, along with lots of other animals. That alone is a sad state of affairs, there are lots of animals that are endangered but I want to concentrate on the Tasmanian Devil for now.

So what am I waffling on about?? Read On.........

A very good friend of mine's (Amanda Fontaine) son is doing a project at school. This is what Amanda said......

Ok background son **** is doing his public speaking stuffs in school right now, so he came home a few weeks ago saying that he was going to do his speech on the Tassie Devils. Now I thought he would be talking about how vicious they are etc., but to my surprise, he is talking about how they are endangered, and how people can help save them (proud mama over here! Hehe)

So Amanda being the proud mama she is (and like any mama would do) she came up with a way to help her son raise some money. Amanda has made a scrap kit to sell on her son's behalf. This kit will ONLY be available until March 1st and 100% of the money from the kit will go to the "Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal", you can read up on that on this site

AND Amanda added some honey to the pot lol....when you purchase this fabby kit, not only are helping to save the devils...but Amanda is putting all the names into a hat she (or her son) will draw 3 names out of the hat and they will win an extra bonus

1st Place: An "Unlimited License" from me. Every tube, scrap kit or element pack I ever will have access to free of charge.

2nd Place: 2 of my tube packages from AMI, and 2 of my scrap kits

3rd Place: 1 of my tube packs, and 1 of my scrap kitsPrizes are transferable if you can't use them :o)

Soooooo what are you waiting for??? Oh yeah the blog address for where you can get this kit would help wouldn't it lol

This kit is ONLY available from Amanda's blog

Pinched this from Amanda's blog so you can see what the kit looks like hehe Amanda won't mind lol

Sunday, 25 January 2009

New Instore @ Digital Chaos

I've got some new stuff in store at Digital Chaos today :)

A brand new kit and some commercial use ribbons

Commercial and Personal Use Twisted Ribbons.
Made at 300dpi.These ribbons are 934px x 457px and ideal for both tagging and printing
There are 24 ribbons in this pack
Plain with eyelets
Circle pattern
Circle pattern with eyelets
Star pattern
Star pattern with eyelets
Texture with eyelets

There are 3 of each design, light grey, mid grey and dark grey

And my new kit
A taggers sized kit with lots of goodies for tagging/scrapping needs
Kit contains:
6 Papers (880x800)
4 Alpha's
6 Delicate Bows
4 Fasteners
8 Flowers
4 Flower Ribbons
4 Folded Ribbons
8 Frames (7 in .psd)
4 Glass Beads
4 Sparkle Edge Bows
4 Sparkle Edge Ribbons3
String Tags
4 Twisted Ribbons
4 two Colour Bows
4 Velvet & Viole Bows
4 Velvet & Viole Ribbons

Please also note that Digital Chaos has MOVED!!!
Thats right you can now find the store @
You iwll also see a gallery has been added where you can see tags/tutorials/layouts made with the kits for sale at Digital Chaos

Also I still can't get the ruddy comments to work on here :(
It's all set up right but for some reason it still isn't allowing people to post comments..if you want to leave me a message, please leave a message in my chat box or you can email me fisfaultscraps @ (please remove the spaces first)

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Ok you should now be able to leave an idiot I didn't turn the comments on but hopefully it should all be fine now :)

New PTU Kit

Finally, here is the PTU kit of the freebie I posted earlier. It's the same design scheme but with more in the kit :)

You can grab it from Digitial Chaos now for just $3

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


New FREEBIE Kit for you all, there will be a PTU version of thi coming soon, it's stil a work in progress lol. So I thought I'd get the freebie one posted now :)
Kit includes:
8 Papers (800x800)
2 Beaded Strings
4 Bows
2 Flutters
3 Frames
2 Hearts
2 Stickers

Please leave me some love either here or at 4Shared :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New PTU Kit

I have a new kit coming soon at Digital Chaos. This kit is quite a bit different to my usual kits as it contains clipart. This is the 1st time I have ever used clipart in a kit and to be honest I wasn't 100% sure about releasing this kit......but I have lol. It should be up sometime today.

If you have any comments regarding this kit, please feel free to either leave me a comment or email me, I'd love some feedback from you all on this kit. Then I can decide if I want to make more kits using clip art or not

Kit is priced at $2.50 and contains, 8 papers, 5 note papers and over 50 elements :)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Tutorial by Lori

Lori, one of the fabby girls on the Creative Team at Digital Chaos, has written a lovely tutorial using my Love Is.. kit

It's called Naughty Valentine and you can find it on Lori's site

And here's the tag itself, isn't it pretty? :)

New PTU Kit

Another new kit for you :)

This one is called Without Love, I really must stop to listening to Bon Jovi daily lol.
This kit is a kinda depressed and blue valentines kit, I thought I'd go a different way from the typical reds and pinks. Lots of hearts on this kit, so it is perfect for your valentine tags.
It's tagger sized, has 8 papers and over 50 elements. Also you can grab this kit for just $1.50 UNTIL MONDAY! On monday my sale ends and this kit goes back to full price of $3
Available only at Digital Chaos

And here's a tag I made using this kit :)

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Whoops, it seems I overlooked posting about a new idea how it got overlooked but it did *sorry*

Rock Slut is avialable at Digital Chaos and at the moment all my kits are STILL ON SALE, so you can grab this beauty for just $1.50 (normal price of $3)

This kit was made to match the Rock Slut tube by Tyson McAdoo,which you can buy from MyPSPTubes

Friday, 16 January 2009

Another New Tutorial

Patty aka Sunspotpp sent me an email last week with the most beautiful tag made from my Rock Slut was a lovely tag and showcased the tube (and kit) wonderfully.

Just so you know, Rock Slut was inspired by Tyson McAdoo's 'Rock Slut' tube, the whole kit was themed to match this tube :)

I emailed Patty back thanking her for the beautiful tag and asked if she was writing a tut so I could add it to my blog, I was not expecting the reply I got............

'I am so glad you like it!
But OMG, me, write a tut

But she agreed to give it a try and I was so pleased that she had said she would try, I know what a HUUUUUUGE step it is writing your 1st tutorial

Well today I get a lovely email from Patty...........

Okay, now I KNOW why you go by Fi's Fault 'cuz it REALLY is YOUR fault

Yep it's my fault I admit it lol, not only has she written a fab tut, but she now has a blog on which to showcase I guess that's MY FAULT too lol

Anyway if you would to try Patty's tut (which I intend to try tomorrow along with a few others) then pop along to her blog.....also if you try her tut please leave her a comment, her tags are brilliant and I think with some nice comments from the taggers out there she coul well become a regular tut writer - Yes Patty I do mean YOU!!!

And the tag..........see t'is beautiful, in a dark rock slutty kinda way :p

New Tut by Brandi

The creative team from Digital Chaos are rocking away with tuts just lately...

Brandi, one of the team and a fellow designer has done a gorgeous tut with my Rock Slut kit :)

Pop along to Brandi's site and try the tut

Thursday, 15 January 2009

New Blog, Old Blog...oh yeah New Kit Too

Hi & Welcome to Scraps by Fi, formally Fi's Fault Scraps, well still Fi's Fault Scraps too.....All a bit confusing I know

It's all because I wanted a 3 column layout on my blog...for some reason the layout would not go on my original blog, without causing complete devastation and it was a devastation I couldn't work out how to it seemed easier to move myself here.

All my posts, links, freebie etc etc will remain on that blog but all new content will be on this blog from now on.....

Anyway onto the new kits, yes I said kits...not one but two!!! woo hoo

They are both called Mint Choc....
mmmmmmmmmm ice cream lol

One is PTU and will be available at Digital Chaos soon.....the other a freebie add-on woo hoo

Preview of the PTU Mint Choc

Preview of the Freebie Add-On, this kit is tagger sized and includes:
4 papers (800x800)
2 Bows2 Chrome Swirls
2 Frames
4 Ribbon & Hearts
2 Ribbon & Plates
2 Tags and
4 Tied Ribbons

Download it here